Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hope in the form of UV rays

The hope that there will be life after AP tests, historical fiction papers, various biology projects, 11 hours of community service, and softball.

The only thought that provides me with the strength to drag myself to class and hold back the bits of word vomit that are busting at the seems.

The one illuminating light in this seemingly endless, dark tunnel.

It is oozing from every poor of my body: the longing for summer, I swear I'm about to drown in it. I'm ready to enjoy the heat of the sun as it shines through all those holes in the ozone, swim in the pool that's been neglected in my backyard, and get a tan that is in no way associated with the word farmer.

I need to get myself some SUMMER, and soon! Maybe I'll just sniff some sunscreen for the next couple of weeks, that might appease me.

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