Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canadian Crack

Exchange students have a specific type of genetic programming that causes us to be friends no matter what country we’re from or how long we’ve know each other. And when you have a person with a planning program in their genes (which others may be lacking) some really great or horrific things can happen.

In our language course we happen to have one such planner, who planned that instead of us going straight home after class (since none of us have any friends yet) we should all hang out! So there we were in Zurich and it was hot, even by Arizona standards, and we knew there was a river around somewhere. So one two six we ask for directions and make our way over to said river.

One of the boys thought that we were going to the lake that day, but we were actually going the next day, so he had swim trunks. Now, we weren’t planning on swimming, we were content just to dip our toes in, but it was really hot. The American boy decided just to change into his swim shorts to cool off, but of course he ended up jumping in. Shortly afterward other boys, who did not have swimsuits with them, began to strip down to their undies! Including one hairy Canadian (this is important). Canadian boy and American boy get a bit competitive and decide to swim the width of the river, from side to side, through the current.

Ready, set, GO! And they were off, swimming as hard as they could toward the other side and getting pulled by the current. Canada had a strong start, but America wasn’t too far behind. They reached the other side and immediately Canada launched off again, but America paused for a moment. The Canadian soon tired out and was veered off course, but the American, after a short pause, launched off straight and strong for the win!

America got out of the water, but Canada was still pretty tired. He was recovering his strength to pull himself up (we were on a dock) when over walks a Swiss police man. He says something to us in German and we tell him we only speak English. We told him we were tourists so we didn’t get in trouble, but apparently swimming is forbidden in that area. Ignorance is bliss right… well yeah until you get hit by a boat, which was totally a possibility according to the police man.

But wait, it gets better! So Canada has to get out of the water, but right as he’s pulling himself up a boat pulls in next to us. The Canadian boy is slowly emerging when his underwear falls down a bit in the back, just enough to reveal one very hairy Canadian crack! All the people on the boat stared, horrified, and one lady looked murderous. I was dying, we were all dying it was so funny.

So if you ever get offered Canadian crack, just say no, trust me.

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