Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flying Fish

The plane ride was long and very, very squished. If there was ever a simile to describe us it would be that we were like anchovies in a tin. Except we were flying fish. Ugh.

But anyways, despite the length of the trip and the tightness it wasn’t so bad. I met up with two other exchange girls, one on her way to Germany and the other to Switzerland with me. We flew to London on the same plane, but did not sit together. I was next to an old retired man who used to work for Rolex (he was very proud of his and his wife’s watches) and was vacationing in Arizona for the golf. He was very disappointed when he found that I played neither golf nor tennis, and that I was wearing blue jeans. He told me that on the golf courses only the gardeners wear such things, but I chose to find this interesting rather than insulting. He wrote down all the places I need to go and what I need to eat while I am in Switzerland. He was very nice.

Then after 10 hours of flying and 2 gross meals, if they even count as meals, we arrived in London. Unfortunately all we saw was the airport, but the bathrooms were very nice! They had really hi-tech hand dryers, which I think is super cool. We were only there for about an hour when Tristan left for Germany. After that Jessica, the other exchange student, and I waited about two more hours before our plane took off.

This flight was pretty quick, only 2 hours give or take. I was lucky enough to sit by a very cool guy from London. We talked for the majority of the flight and it was fun, much more fun than sleeping, which I did hardly any of on the trip, due to the anchovy factor.
Then finally we arrived in Zurich. We collected our luggage (mine kept falling over and tripping people) and next we made our way to meet the families. My heart has never beaten so fast! But all was well; they gave me a very warm welcome. They are speaking English with me until next week when I begin my language course. It has been nice to get to know them, next week we will not get to talk much. Well at least not coherently.

My host sister Kim, who is 13, helps me a lot with my German and I help her with her English. She has just started taking English this year, but she is already very good. Her family jokes that she must have been English in another life, unfortunately I must have been English too! But it is fun for us to practice together and we get better every day! The pronunciation though, is very difficult for me. For example there are some words that you must roll your R’s and even in Spanish I could never do it. My host family thinks it is really funny, I think it’s kind of pathetic, but tomato tomoto.

The neighbors are very kind as well. The place where I live has a bunch of tall skinny houses all connected. My house has 3 stories (plus the basement) and I am staying on the top floor in my own room and it has a skylight! So anyway everyone who lives here is very close and once a week one of the ladies is in charge of making lunch. This week was Priska, my host mother’s, turn. The people came over and we all ate together and Kim who comes home for lunch every day except Thursday. Most the time they spoke in German, so I only knew what was going on half the time, or maybe even less.

Then two of the girls who live next door invited me to come to the open cinema. It’s like a drive in movie, but without the cars you just sit outside. It was a French movie with German subtitles so I only understood the few odd words. Even so the plot was easy to read and it was very weird. At the end I asked the girls what they thought and they agreed with my opinion. One girl told me that last year there was another strange movie as well called Juno about a pregnant girl. I laughed and laughed at that.

This entry is very long, but a lot has happened! I will continue to update this throughout the year, probably every couple of weeks.

I love you all!

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