Thursday, August 6, 2009

Should Have Been In That One Song That Got Irony All Wrong

On Tuesday my mom, sister, and I went to go see my cousin Conner at the airport. He had about an hour layover before he jumped on a plane to Vegas (to babysit not gamble) and we went to go feed and talk to him for as much time as we had.

We discussed various things, but eventually we arrived on the topic of airport sercurity. The new rule, or relatively new I think, is that you cannot have over 3 ounces of liquid with you to carry on the plane. So for ladies no liquid concelor and for everybody no water bottles! My first thought, of course, was why wouldn't we be allowed to have water, which led to thought bomb, which led to me actually saying the word bomb. Outloud. In the airport.

My mom hushed me immediately and looked around to see if anyone had heard me say the words, "Hello I'm a terrorist, call security!". Luckily, no one seemed to have been listening in, but Challis, the quick thinker that she is, burst out with, "Book of Mormon and Bible!" Which abreviated equals B.O.M.B.

How ironic is that?

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Ruthie said...

I love reading your blog Hailey! Enjoy!!! Love, Ruthie