Saturday, October 10, 2009


Every once in a while it just hits me.

That I'm in Switzerland.

And it's perfect, absolutely perfect.

It hits me in the small moments. At one in the morning talking with my friend, eating schnitzel and cinnamon toast crunch.

Becuase while seeing the sights is great, these are the precious times I never want to forget.


Jen said...

What a beautiful background to your picture. I hope you have a million memories like that!!! we love you!

Pretty Organizer said...

Yes, you are in switzerland! Lucky girl. You're the only one we could send to represent Gilbert, AZ and not come back 50 lbs heavier due to an uncontrolled chocolate binge! We miss you and love you!... and really want to steal your shnitzel too!

Shelley said...

Hailey!! I LOVE reading your blog. What a great experience you are having there. Everyone around you is so lucky to have you there!! (I wonder if they really know how lucky they are!)

bosslady said...

Donna gave us your blog address this week. What a great opportunity to be in Switzerland! Your writing is amazing. Keep it up! (I can't believe you are old enough to go to foreign countries by yourself. Brian and I babysat you once as a toddler, and you spent most of the hour mesmerized by our beta fish. Where has the time gone?)
Mitzi Wortham

Anonymous said...

Hailey, Im soo happy that I can be part of your amazing excperience here!!!! love you and i want to see that pretty face of yours in Zug right NOW!