Monday, November 9, 2009

December #1 and December #2

I am officially unrecognizing November as a month. November without Thanksgiving is a seriously pointless addition to the year, even with Thanksgiving it's questionable. I mean all it does is elongate the wait until Christmas and believe me I am tired of waiting. I've been waiting for December since October!

November is the source of all my problems, I know some of you may not see the logic in this, but it's there. (You may have to lean into your computer screen really, really far, but trust me it's there). At the moment I'm in what I refer to as a low point and really it's all November's fault. I know that once this month is over I'll be back to my normal sunshiny happy self, which is why I've made an executive decision.

Since November refuses to let me be happy I am banishing it from my calendar. I'm dead serious. From now on there is December one and December two. No November. I told my host family about it at dinner tonight and they're on board.

What about you?

Also no offense mom, November is good for your birthday, but that's it!


Riley said...

Ha Ha!!! I totally agree with you. It's just a extra month to make you wait for Christmas. That's weird, that you don't have Thanksgiving there. I hope your having a great time! Miss you!!!

P.S. Can you give me your email so I can email you....

Jody said...

Hailey, I hope it's good for my birthday, too.......

Hailey said...

Of course Jody! and Riley it's sorry it took me so long to tell you!