Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Inevitable

It finally happened yesterday.

I mean I knew it was going to, I've been tempting fate for months.

I was more embarrassed than I thought I would be.

I fell.

I fell off my bike.

I fell off my bike in the parking garage at my school.

There were people.

They saw.

I let out this awkward sounding yell as I toppled over.

Nobody laughed.

They were all very concerned.

Some how that was worse than laughing.

Well, at least it's over with now.

Just pray (seriously) it doesn't happen again.

At least not in front of people.

Yeah, that was pretty bad...


Merri said...

I love you, your writting skills made me see the fall in my mind(I worried for you) and then...a funnny thing happend, I noticed I had a smile on my face...ha, I'm sorry, maybe its just funny to Americans!

Jody said...

when you said all the concern was worst than laughing....I totally got it. I'm sorry. I hope you're not too sore today.

Cathy said...

I feel you pain Hailey! That is something Brittany and I would do. Maybe it runs in the family. I love reading your blogs. I am so very proud of how well you are doing. What an experience you have to share with so many. Love you:)

Aubri Mckee said...

hey girly its Aubri!!! i totally miss you like crazy i wish i could see you and talk to you hope all is amazing in SWISSMISS... jk haha :) i freaking love you and hope that you will be back for girls camp so we can cuddle on your air mattress... haha good times. sounds like its a completly different world youll have to tell me all about it :)i love ya :)