Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking Up

Just when things seem to be at their most cruddy, something clicks in the universe and everything turns around. For the last two weeks or so I have been pretty miserable. Not all the time, when I'm with my host family I'm great. I love being around them, but school was a drag. And I had to drag myself to school everyday to sit for hours and hours and understand nothing. It can be a bit frustrating. Especially when up to this point I haven't been very homesick, this came out of no where and hit me just like that deer hit Rory's car in Gilmore Girls. Needless to say, it hurt. Bad. I felt like I had to force myself through every day, like I was trying to swim through peanut butter, except it didn't taste good.

Then yesterday happened. Last night I was flipping through the channels when I found National Treasure. It was in German, but despite that I watched the whole thing and it really cheered me up. I don't know why, maybe it has to do with reconnecting to my American Roots, who knows, and who cares as long as it worked!

And then today happened. First off I have beautiful Thursdays, I really do. I don't start school until 10:25 because I'm excused from French, which means I don't have to get up until almost 9. That in and of itself is enough to get my happiness levels up. It also helped that I wore my tan pants today, I really like those. So flying high on my excess sleep and the tan-ness of my pants I arrived at school only to be welcomed by an invitation from a girl in my class to go to this special thing in her town in December. She mentioned there would be cookies and a Ferris wheel, so that really got me excited.

I only had chemistry and after that we had two hours for lunch, I wasn't kidding about having beautiful Thursdays. When we sat down to eat someone had left a newspaper on the table. So I started reading it and I actually understood almost a whole article on my own about cocaine in nightclub bathrooms! I'm proud of that. The rest of day went abnormally well too. Not to mention I forgot I had this coming Monday free from school and I get to go to the Temple on Saturday.

Man when things look up, they really look up for me. Thank heaven for nice people, cocaine, and Nicolas Cage. I don't know what I'd do without them.


Julz said...

So glad your feeling better, I was just telling Scott over luncg that I feel really up beat and happy this week but to not get to comfortable cause that could change at any moment!

Riley said...

You can always feel good at the temple! That warm feeling that your never alone. Love ya!

Jen said...

you always find the up. ilove that movie too.

Merri said...

I'm so glad that you a feeling "UP" I have been praying for you! I love you more than I could ever express in words and I miss you just as much! You are so strong and so amazing thank you so much for being a wonderful example to me and to you sisters and brother!
Love, Mom

Pretty Organizer said...

Way to count your blessing girl:) Bit by bit you're becoming fluent in the language. Love reading about your success's and breakthroughs... and even the days you have to drag yourself out of bed. Some days are like that, that's why chocolate bars were invented. Um... you're at the chocolate capital of the world. Every day should be heavenly right? Love you Haily.

Beth Fiacco said...

Hi Hailey!

Leah told me about your dismissal of the month of November. I admire you for finding the positive in those down days! Leah sure had fun putting your care package together :-) Let us know when you need more Gilmore Girls.

Love ya,
Mrs. Fiacco
p.s. - you are truly a gifted writer! We are enjoying your blogs!