Monday, December 28, 2009


I've been neglecting the blog. I know. I'm sorry. I'm making up for it now.

A recap: "The Month of December" by Hailey Cox
The month started out pretty great. I went to a marked (a market) with some girls from my class. It was so crowded, people come from all over Switzerland by the bus load, literally.

I went with my host sister Kim to a Scouts activity. It was freezing, but fun.

We made various Christmas treats including these little bread people and massive amounts of cookies. My waist line has definitly suffered.

I had to say goodbye to one of my best exchange friends as she returned home to Canada.
That was a downer on the Christmas cheer, let me tell ya.

I celebrated Christmas on the 24 with my host family. We had a big delicous dinner. I'm talking Wienerscnitzel, pasta, and homemade apple sauce. Not to mention the vanille cream for dessert. Yum.

We tied Ronja up in a bow to make her festive. She didn't really appreciate it, but we thought it was adorable!

We sat in the candle light and gave eachother our gifts. I was spoiled rotten! And relieved that everyone liked what I got them.

Then on the 25 we went to my host mom's family to do Christmas there. We sat around and talked a lot. We had more delicious food (see picture) and more gifts.

Now you probably think after two days of Christmas we would be finished right? Wrong. On the 26 we went to my host dad's family for more Christmas.
They had the biggest most beastly dogs I have ever seen, but they were really nice. My host dad refers to them as the polar bears.

We ate dinner French style with one course a pause and then another and another and another course. All with pauses in between. I would have rather just eaten it all at once, but at the end of the night I didn't feel overly full for once. No wonder the French are so skinny.
The first course shown in the picture bellow is duck liver. And yes, I did in fact eat it.

The last few days have just been heavenly. We played Monoply for hours and I got my butt kicked every time. Apparently my deal making skills are not that great.
I've talked with my family back home and my best friend.
And basically I'm just enjoying my last week with this family.


Merri said...

thanks for the update, I love the photos! love you!

Jen said...

You are amazing, Duck Liver. what did it taste like? I am glad you are having a great time. I love you. Are you dreaming in German yet????

Hailey said...

I just put a lot of salt on it. It tasted alright it was just a really wierd texture.

No I'm not dreaming in German yet. When I speak German I think in German, but normally I still think in English.