Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice Princess

Snow boarding was, well, it was interesting. In the begining it was pretty fun despite the fact that I ate snow just about every 2 seconds, but as the day wore on, I wore down, big time. By the end when we started making our last treck down to leave I had had much to much. Me and my host dad ended up walking most the way down because I was finished with having my legs bound to the stupid board and crashing. The knowledge that I'll be doing an entire week of this in February freaks me out a bit, but we'll just have to see how it goes I guess.

You have to go against your human nature in order to snowboard and that's just crazy. CRAZY. I mean here I am speeding down this mountain, but how dare I lean back and away from the oncoming snow. You have to lean towards the stuff. Like I said, crazy.

I'm assuming some of you will be upset by my attitude about this, but it's not my fault. If your going to blame anyone then my parents are the ones to target. They never taught me about these winter sports and now I'm suffering the consequences. I suppose that my location in the desert hasn't helped matters either. So they're to blame, not me.

(My host mom said I looked like an ice princess)

Even though I haven't exactly taken to snowboarding all that well, I'm glad I went. I got to know my new family better and it's helped us become more comfortable around eachother.

Which bring me to:

My Weekends Positives.

Saterday: The best part of Saterday was the ride home from our snow day. Everyone was exhausted, everyone expcept for me! I was a bundle of energy and chattiness. Out of the hour and a half drive I'm fairly certain I talked, or at leaset kept the conversation going, for an hour of that.
Sunday: My favorite thing on Sunday was getting beat up by my host brother. Now I know that sounds bad, but let me explain. He's a fifteen year old boy who doesn't have all that much to say to me. Therefore I ask him unendless questiones and play these horribly violent games with him. These games don't require much talking, simply gasps, grunts, and cries of pain. We either slap or punch eachothers hands. We put or fists together and then one person has to hit the other person. The one will try to jerk his or her hand away before getting punched and if they suceed then it's their turn to hit. He's way better than me so I'm the only one sporting bruises, but I convinced him to play a game of quarters and managed to cut his knuckle. That almost makes us even.
And no I do not enjoy the bruises, but it's something we can do together so it's worth the little bit of pain. However, I'm planning on shiffting the focus to card games over the next couple weeks while my hand regains it's former strength.
Oh and thanks so much for the comments, I loved them.
And to Johnny: Almost as much as Lost? What gives. I am so much more exciting than some time warped island!


Jen said...

you are brave. i hear it gets easier... one can hope!

Merri said...

You look so beautiful with that ice princess hair! Wow!

I'm so proud of you for trying to snowboard.

Julz said...

Once again I am impressed with your great outlook in everything you try!

Jody said...

Hailey, you're making me so jealous for skiing and snowboarding. I miss it so much! And I guarentee you you'll be the best one on the slopes by the time you get home. It's a pain at first but then it's SO fun when you get the swing of it. And your icey eyelashes remind me of being at Ricks and freezing our faces off! I hope you have fun. :)

stacy said...

i'll be the negetive one. snowboarding sucks! just kidding i've never done it and have never had the desire to, i hear it is so painful and exhausting...i'm jeffs wife, that is painfull and exhausting enough. :)

i LOVE the ice on you eye lashes so pretty! love you miss hailey! i think you're amazing!

stacy said...

glad you turned your comments on! :)

Shelley said...

Hailey! I LOVE reading your blog. I'm so glad to see how well you're doing. Even when things are hard, you're so strong and amazing!

Thumbs up to you for snowboarding. I grew up in Utah and have never tried it! Snow is not my friend.. I much prefer sunny AZ!

Miss you! :)

Grandma said...

HI SWEETHEART.I finely got over to aunt Dajas so could read your blogs. It is always so much fun to read your blogs. Caysee is going to spend the night and go to church with me tomorrow.Your mom is getting excited about coming to see you. Wish I could sneak in their bag and come with them. Well sweethearet I had better go so I can get home before too late. I love you whole bunches. Love Grandma