Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years and the Drop Off

Now I'm aware this is a little late, but better late than never right? (I'm expecting you to agree)

Here is my post about celebrating the end of an exciting year and the begining of a new adventure. As well as celebrating the end of "Part One" aka the end of my time with my first family.

It was possibly the best New years I have ever had. I'm not a big party girl. I'm more of a hang out around the house eat something delicious and watch a good movie girl. My host family knows this so we had a game night. We each made one of the courses of food and we played our hearts out until midnight when we went over to the neighboors and read our tarrot cards. It was terribly wonderful.

I owned everyone in Monopoly this time around. My host dad and I made a deal in the beggining that he could have the expensive blue ones and I got the green. Not one single person landed on his the whole time and everyone landed on mine. I was in tears I laughed so hard.

Then the Drop Off.
I couldn't sleep the night before because I knew what was coming in the morning. It was like leaving home all over again, but worse. I was exhuasted from damming up the water works.
We headed over for brunch at 10. My poor host dad had to lug all my crap up the stairs (It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 5 months) and then we sat down to eat. My new host family asked me questions, but I could barely speak around the lump in my throat. We were there all together for a good two hours, but then things started coming to an end. I panicked. But there was nothing I could do. They had to go and I had to stay.
We hugged and I cried. They left and I cried. My new host mom hugged me and I still cried.
Then of course Kim forgot something so she had to come back in while I'm standing at the top of the stairs bawling. Then she left, but then my old host mom came back in looking for her. Then after going for a swim with my new mom we went over to pick up my bike. So you can see how my romantic dramatic ideas of the door closing between us forever is a teansy bit out there.
But even the door being temporarily closed makes me sad.
The weekend was hard, I just felt too emotionally drained to start getting to know this family properly. So I talked with my Bishop on Sunday, and after a beautiful blessing, he helped me see the positives. This is another one of the amazing opertunities I've been given. I get to start over and do things even better.
Give me some time and I'll be just as deeply in love with this family as the last.
But your prayers would be appreciated as always. I need all the help I can get.


Jen said...

the food looked Yummy. Cooking is a goal so set it now so you can count it. I love you and you are amazing. You are getting so prepared for the future... You are strong, couragous, and a women I am proud to know. You are in our prayers... You will love this family, that is just who you are.

Just set the goal to use your exchange as your personal progress then it all counts. :)

love you!!!

Julz said...

now I am cryng too... blessings are the best, good to know the priesthood can be found EVERYWHERE!

Jody said...

Oh Hailey! I'm so sorry it was hard for you, but it sounds like you handled it great. And we have SO much faith in you! I can't imagine anyone doing this as well as you can, especially being so far from home. But the experiences, the people and the gorgeous places you get to see is something you'll remember forever! Something you can tell stories about to your husband and children someday. And the influence you are having on these people's lives are things they can't get anywhere else. You're so smart, so sweet and so giving! Share that with every person you come into contact with and use them as a strength. Always remember that this is a chance in a lifetime and even though the emotions are hard to handle, milk it for all it's worth! You're in SWITZERLAND!

Delightfully Tacky said...

Thanks so much for your comment! It's meant a lot to me how positive the response has been to my dream to do a winnebago road trip. I agree with you about high school. It's so amazing to complete high school though, once you're done, the whole world is open to you!! It's really great that you're abroad right now. I've never studied abroad or even been to europe, but I bet it's such a great experience.