Friday, January 8, 2010

Positive Resolutions

I couldn't come up with any resolutions before, but I came up with these over the last few days.

1) Stand as a whitness of Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places.

2) At the end of each day choose at least one positive thing that happened.

3) Blog more often

4) Take more pictures.

Number 2 is pretty much the best thing I've ever come up with. Seriously.

I have three for Wednesday.

I was hanging out with the girls from my class in the library (PE was cancelled so we had an hour free). Seeing how much time we had on our hands, I decided to try out some knock knock jokes on them. The funny part is, they didn't get it. They've never heard knock knock jokes before! So of course I start telling them every single one I know, but first I had to teach them how it worked. I would say "Knock Knock" and they would just stare at me, wide-eyed, waiting. I'd have to prompt them with their line "Whos there". After they caught on they were in hysterics. I mean I don't think anyone has ever laughed so hard at a couple of dumb door jokes. Then I started doing that drum sound they make after corny jokes, you know the one: Bu-dun-Chssss(clashing sound). And that really got them going. I've been doing it ever since and they laugh every time. They're a pretty easy audience.

My second for Wednesday was after I came home from school I talked to my host brother for a good 10 minutes. That may not seem like long, but trust me. It is. That made my day.

Then I went to mutual (Church activity with the youth) and the boys made dinner for the girls! The missionaries were there so I got to talk to some fellow Americans for a while and I finally started getting comfortable with these other kids. Taken long enough right? I just felt so happy and included. I didn't want to leave. In fact I pushed it off as long as I could which meant I had to run full speed to catch the bus with my stomach burstingly full. I didn't have time to stay for dessert which was a real tragedy.


My host mom broke out a childrens book about a Unicorn so that I could read something in German and understand it. I sat at the counter and read to her about Elias talking to the old wise turtle in order to find a way to rescue his friends from the evil magician while she made dinner.


Singing "in the jungle... the lion sleeps tonight" at the lunch table, eating chocolate, and laughing till my face hurt.

As well as reading the comments left on my last post. I'm so greatful for all your support! Please keep commenting, I love hearing from you.


Jen said...

love it! I think I will do it too. Glad you made it to mutual, the bus and through a book in german. Just so you know that when ever you post about crying or something hard I tear up for you.
love you

Jen said...

oh, when Iead about the knock,knock jokes to Uncle Trevor Zach busted out a few of his own. One day they will come out making sense.
So here is our k.k.joke

Knock, Knock
Irish you the best day ever.

Merri said...

Oh, it is so nice to read your bolg! Just so you know I was up at 4 praying for you. What in the world are you doing 4 o'clock my time? I love you!

Johnny said...

knock knock jokes and evil magicians....pure amazingness! Hailey, I anticipate each new blog post of yours almost as much as I anticipate the new season of LOST! so i am glad that #3 is on your resolutions list.

p.s. i recently stumbled upon all the drawings you and jesse made of me when i started going to higley. haha!

Julz said...

I love your resolutions. I need to work on some.

Shawnie said...

Hailey, You are sorely missed! We are off to the snow trip in a few weeks and while we are freezing in our silly AZ 40 degrees, we will think of you seriously freezing. LOL
Love and miss you!

Jody said...

((((big hug)))) :)