Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eggs or Elevation

Another adventure, and this one I'd rather not relive. Not that it wasn't an amazing experience, it was just a tiring one. If I ever go snowboarding again it'll be for a weekend, not a week.

But there were some good momemts too, believe it or not. I enrolled in snowboarding school for 5 days, 3 hours each day. It was really hard, but by the end of it I was shocked by my own ability. I can snowboard. Me, the sun-worshiping, snow-hating, Arizona kid. I am actually competent with my feet straped into a board. Who'da thunk it, right? That's what a year abroad can do to you I guess.

It was freezing up there, freezing! I'm talking like 3 degrees fahrenheit people. But I could see the Matterhorn from my window, and when the sun shone, it was incredibly beautiful. Beauty however, does not make it any less cold.

I spent the majority of the week in the bathroom. Either because my body did not take to the height at all, or it could have been due to a small case of salmonella. Who knows, either way it was a bummer. I was lucky enough though that the episodes only ever came after snowboarding. I never had any kind of incident during my course or anything, which I will forever be thankful for. I mean can you imigane, there I am flying down mountain and then... you know what I'm saying.

I never thought I would really like snowboarding, but I was pleasantly suprised. It makes a big difference when you can actually do it. Once I got it down it was fun and I would like to go again sometime, just not for a straight week. My host family is obsessed. They went two weeks straight just about everyday and my host brother still tries to go every couple weekends. They're crazy, I tell you. At breakast this morning I was trying to convince them to go to Jamacia or the Bahamas next year instead. They wouldn't hear of it. How could life go on without two weeks of skiing or snowboaring? I ensured them it could, but they didn't believe me. As if I'm not living proof.

Seriously I think in Switzerland they have a baby and then a month later plop that kids on skiis and send him right down the mountain. It was ridiculous the amount of children out there who were kicking my butt! Once a group of kids in the skii class literally sped by my poor little snowboard group, pointed and laughed. They were like 5.

By now that I can snowboard if anybody wants to go next year, let's make a date!


stacy said...

we can go get food but i'm NOT going on a snawboarding date...thanks though. :)

you are such a good sport! sorry aboout your tummy.

Julz said...

Did you really really have salmanella?? What did you eat? Old food storage or something? The gys back here are going to swoon when you show them your boarding skills!

Merri said...

Wow! you look great! The pictures are so beautiful!

Jen said...

love the pictures. I am glad you got it down. You will have to go to Utah and snowboard with Garrett. He loves it.

Aunt Daja said...

These are AMAZING photo's Hailey.. At least we know that you will be all conditioned for snowmobiling with me and Uncle John.. WE love you sooo much sweety.. And we are so very proud of you.. xoxoxo

A "cheery" disposition said...

yikes your bruise looks painful but the skiing looks like a blast.