Sunday, February 14, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, not quite yours.

There is a post coming, a wonderful post, filled with pictures and stories about my week in the mountains snowboarding. The only problem is I haven't actually written it yet. And I'm feeling pretty lazy, but it will come. In time. I promise.
(I'm just not sure how much time it'll take. sorry :D)


stacy said...

ooooh you are so cute! i love you! can't wait to see! happy valentines day!

Merri said...

oh my! you look so cute and at the top of the mountain no less. What a spectacular veiw, you look like your right at home on top of the world! I love you!

Jody said...

You look like a pro! And that's a gorgeous view!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Hi Hailey! You're blog is great & I love all the photos. Someday you should frame & display some of them!! I just have to say that you are so brave to leave your family & go to a foreign place at your age. I don't think I'm that brave now! :) I'm blogging @ ... I have lots of YW stuff if anyone over there in your parts is interested. Good luck!


JMay said...

Wow, skiing up there looks absolutely beautiful!

Looks like you had fun :-)