Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bit of Loveliness and a Weekend Recap

So Here is the beautiful pillow case that I made:

I know!

Weekend Recap
FRIDAY: Friday night I didn't really have anything planned except for baking. Which turned out to be a lot more funny than I ever would have expected. When I bake I make chocolate chip cookies, but I wanted to branch out so I asked my host mom for a recipe. I end up making this cake with cherries stuck inside it, but my host mom has to guide me through each step and she keeps making phone calls. Phone call after phone call and all I want is to finish making this stupid cake, but I can only do like one step and then I have to wait, and wait, and waiiiittttttt. So I was getting a little irritated which means I either stay angry or I just go a little hysterical.
I got a bit hysterical, but then so did my host mom. She's telling me to look in the dishwasher for a lid of some kind, but I understood under the dishwasher. So there I am on the kitchen floor feeling up the base board trying to find the elusive drawer. There is no drawer. I sat there looking desperatly at my host mom host telling her I couldn't find it. She nearly kealed over from laughing.
After we finally finished the cake I had to go for a jog, as a step to prevent insanity. When I got going I couldn't resist jogging by my old host family's house. I knew their daughter who has been in Finland the last 7 and a half months had come home. I saw the light on and knew there was a party going on inside, but I resisted my creeper instinct to look into the windows and jogged on. I'm sure I could do some kind of mental/emotional analysis here, but I won't.

SATERDAY: I had to get up relatively early to go with host mom over to my host sister's apartment. We took the bus for half and hour or so and arrived in Baden to light rainfall. My host sister lives on the cutest little side street. I wish I had a picture, but all I can say is if I lived in Switzerland I would want to live where she lives.
We ate breakfast together and afterwards I went to scouts with my host sister. Scouts is a really big thing in Switzerland and all over Europe actually. It's not like boy scouts in America, but I've only been twice so I don't really know how to explain it. The main thing is everyone does it. My host sister is in a scout group for the mentally handikapped. In English the name traslates into Scouts despite everything. It was a very interesting afternoon and my heart goes out to those people. They were unbelievably sweet.

After that and some more baking I went home, had dinner, and then packed right back up and left again. There was a church dance, fortunatley however, I got the times mixed up and only arrived for the last half hour and clean up. Perfect. I did dance a bit though and the first guy I danced with told me I should take a dance course. He didn't say it meanly or anything, so I just laughed and tried to keep up. He danced insanely fast and my thigh started throbbing after the first song. I wasn't cut out for this kind of stuff.
SUNDAY: Woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and then left to go to my host brother's super important Uni-hocky finale. He wanted all of us to come so I played hookey from church for a Sunday. Before leaving I decided that despite the fact that it was raining I was going to wear my flip flops anyway. Just as I was about to walk out my host dad spotted my newly visible toes and threw a gasket. No. He said we were going to be eating somewhere nice and you don't wear those types of shoes to a nice returaunt. I was pretty ticked off. I've been waiting longinly for months, to break out these shoes and he thinks he can tell me what I can and cannot wear?! And are dirty converses that much better? I changed shoes though and was steaming when I got to the car. He appolagized and I forgave him when I realized it was still too cold anyways, but next time, I'm wearing the shoes.

My host brother won his game, we were all thrilled! After he got dressed we hurried out and headed to a birthday lunch for my host mom's mom. She turned 89! I love this woman. I want to fold her up and carry her around in my backpocket forever. She's so sweet and so funny.

At said nice restuarant I ordered an asparagus soup and then without realizing what I was doing I ordered asparagus raviole as well. When we finally got home after about an hour of driving I rushed inside and went straight to the bathroom. As I was sitting there peeing I noticed it smelled kind of funny. I was like what is that? And then I figured out what it smelled like, asparagus! It made me laugh so hard. Everytime I went pee after that (which was a lot because I drink a TON of water and I have a very small bladder) it smelled like aspargus. I don't know why, but I find that so hilarious.
Next time I eat asparagus I'll be looking forward to my bathroom trips.


stacy said...

when i eat anything with canned chicken i it my pee smells like canned chicken! hahaha! i love your stories, however ,they do make me a little angry...angry like a mama bear. i love you sweetheart!

chelsea rebecca said...

first off i have to say i love all your music choices!! i love matt and kim! and the xx are so great!!
second.. your pillow is so cute! way to go!!
third, friday night baking?! sounds like perfection to me!!

emilia. said...

cute blog! i love. :) so sweet.