Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The little old lady who saw my little white butt

I've mentioned my host mom's mom before. The Mamama, she's 89 years old, looks like a sweet little bird, and has completely stolen my heart. But no worries she's fed me lots of chocolate to replace the gaping hole it left behind.

My host brother was confirmed into his church this weekend, which means on Sunday the house was over flowing with friends and family. I usually don't like these kind of get togethers because everyone has known eachother their entire lives... and then there's me. Not to mention it just makes me miss my own family.

It ended up being alright though, which was pleasantly suprising. However, the point is that Mamama stayed the night afterwards. This ment we were a room short, so Emilie bunked with me which is totally cool, me and Emilie are pals.

Emilie has some magical ability to be able to shower at night and come out the next day with her hair looking fabulous! I do not. Accordingly Emilie got to sleep a good half hour later than me which stuck me getting ready in the bathroom, while she got her beauty sleep.

So there I am fresh out of the shower at six in the morning. (If you read the title you know where this is going) I procede to wrap my towel around my head, princess style, in order to make my hair dry faster. That towel around my head- it's the only thing I'm wearing.

I walk over to throw somehting away, with my back (and butt) to the door and then I hear something. The door opening! I'm not sure how much that door managed to open before I scrambled to hide behind it, but immediately after I heard the fast steps of little Mamama hurrying away saying sorry. I quickly returned the towel to my body and rushed out to console this poor little old lady.

She was scutteling away with her hunched back and shuffeling steps, in a floral night gown. I was so flustered that I was talking to her in English- I didn't even realize I was doing it until after, but I think she understood. I told her she could use it, but she just said no, no that I had to get ready to go to school, and she went back to her bedroom.

I felt bad for hogging the place, I didn't want the Mamama to wet her night dress because of me, so I picked up the pace.

Afterwards it wasn't wierd or anything between us and fortunately she did not pee her night gown.

When it comes down to it I don't really mind if Mamama saw my butt, as horrifying as said butt is, it could have been worse. And I'm not sure if she really saw anything anyway.

Oh well, another day another old lady I've flashed....



Julz said...

I am sure you have a very cute butt, and that story was just plain hillarious!

stacy said...

so funny! i agree with julianne, i'm sure it's cute. :)

Jody said...

and if I can agree, too, she could have been just as embarrased as you. plus, I'm sure she's seen worse in her long lifetime! thanks for the laugh today!

chelsea rebecca said...

HAHA oh my goodness i would be absolutely mortified!!! haha. but this is too funny!!

Merri said...

just so you know, she does have a really cute butt! I have seen it!