Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Said party that I referenced in my last post, ended up being alright, suprisingly. Sure I was pretty much the only sober one, but that I expected. After the party, however, was a completely different story.

It was an absolute disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Ugh.

So I left at 11:30, thinking I would be home by two in the morning. A lot of people were just going to sleep there, but my parents who haven't allowed my to have sleepovers since I was a kid, bred the spend the night gene right out of me. I can't stand sleepovers, now. Plus I figured I would probably want to leave anyway. If you didn't notice in my last post, I wasn't too excited to go.

So I leave and travel for about and hour and a half no problem. I get to my last station where I can catch the train home, but by some idiotic failure of mine I screwed up my train plan and missed the last train to Wohlen from Lenzburg by an hour.


So I check the schedual to see if I have any other options, and there is a possibility that I can take a train to Dietikon and then from there get home, but I didn't know for sure if it would work or not. I went anyways and as I sat there, reading some Harry Potter and praying that I'll be able to find my way home, the ticket checker comes around. Normally this is now problem, because I have a GA, which means I ride all public transportation for free, but apparently after one in the morning you have to buy a special night ticket, even when you have a GA. No one told me that, and the guy didn't buy my story that I had no idea- that's going to cost me 80 franks. Stupid trains.

After that unfortunate even I get to Dietikon and check the schedual, HALLELUJA there's a train coming to take me home. I figure I should probably buy a ticket though since I don't want to get fined, so I do that. I then go to wait, but as I'm waiting I realize something just isn't right, so I check one more time and some little picture on the side that I hadn't noticed before told me that that train only comes, sometimes. That night wasn't one of those times.

So now I really start to panic. It was already after three in the morning and the trains wouldn't start going again for another 2 hours. I would've loved to call someone, except my cell phone- left it at the party. I am standing at the train station, holding my pee because the bathrooms are locked, and trying to way out my options. I don't have an options. Then I see the pay phone. I have Bryce's (my friend from the party's) number and I shove all the change I have into that phone. No one pickes up. I try again. Again no one picks up. I hang up take my change out and have no idea what to do with my self. Then on the side of the pay phone, I see a list of coutries and their area codes. The only other number I can think of is my house number in America. I decide to call it.

My dad picks up and I tell him rather hysterically that I am stranded at a train station and that I don't have my phone, and maybe they could find the number, but then I run out of credit. The line goes dead and feeling even worse than before. That's when the angry tears come, how could I be so stupid? So I start walking. There's one small train that goes only from Dietikon to Wohlen where I live and stops at all the small stops inbetween. I always travel with this train so I know where it goes and in my anger the idea of sitting and stewing over my idiocy for three hours was very unapealing.

In the mean time, my parents immediately spring into action after our conversation. Apparently they tried to call me back on the pay phone, but me being such an idiot, had already gone and started treaking my way home.

My parents did not have the number from my current host family, they did however, have the number from my first host family. So they call them at three o'clock in the morning Swiss time, wake them up, and send them into a panic. My host dad from this first family, rushed off and started looking for me in his car, straight away. They also called my current host family and let them know.

My current host mom then tried to reach me on my cell phone, which I had forgotten at the party. My best friend, Bryce picked up, but he was confused the first time and hung up. I'm sure you can imigane how much that freaked her out she thought Bryce was my kidnapper! She called one more time and then Bryce explained that I had left my cell phone there. So then all they could do was wait, while my host dad was driving around looking for me. (He would have found me too if I would have stayed put, or my parents could have reached me on the pay phone and saved a lot of people a lot of panic... Mama Mia.)

Back to me: After an hour of walking I reached Rudolphstetten and was tired from my trek. I sat there, listened to some informational podcasts, and waited for about two hours until the train finally came.

Then I took the train for about an hour and half and arrived safely home in Wohlen at about seven o'clock in the morning. I exited the train to find my host mom standing there waiting for me.

And we all lived happily ever after.

... after I apologized profusely, brought flowers to my first family, and endured my real parents telling me I was grounded. The nice thing though was they weren't really that mad, just glad that I wasn't dead after all.

Yeah, me too.

I could happily put this whole thing behind me, except I know that stupid fine will be coming in the mail any time now.

Next time (as if) I'll get the tears flowing, can't even tell you how much trouble playing that cards gotten me out of.

Oh and here are some happy pictures of me waiting at the train station.


Julz said...

Oh Hailey! Now THAT is a story for a future YW lesson you will give someday and it'll be super good cause you have the pictures to prove it! I can see it now...a comparison to how Heavenly Father "springs" into action to help His children even if he only hears 1 paniked plea for help. And about a dozen other gospel paralells that I certainly wont go into right now. So glad you didnt end up dead cause, Oh my how I love you!!

Merri said...

I'm so glad to see photos, this whole thing could just be a rouse, to get said "fine money" for new shoes!I love you my darling, I'm so glad you are not dead!

Jody said...

Hailey!! That first picture of you with the red nose and sad face TOTALLY made my mothering instinct kick in (I'm giving you a big hug right now.....)

I'm glad you're OK, too. And if I'm ever in Switzerland and get lost in the train stations, I'm calling you.

Now, I need to go give your mother a hug, too........

Jessica Smith said...

hailey!!! i freaking miss you sooo much! school is crazy and streddful of course. i cant wait till you come back and to here how much fun and crazy stories you have. well i just wanted to say hi and i love you!!
-love Jesse Smith :))

chelsea rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS HAILEY!!! i am so sorry!!!
that seems awful and SO SCARY!
i'm glad you made it home okay and its awesome to see all the people that care about you come together to help you out.
a true series of unfortunate events but i'm just so glad you are safe and sound!!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

so ... did you ever find an unlocked bathroom? :)

Hailey said...

nope, peed in the bushes.

Pia said...

Wow, what a night! I'm really sorry that you had to go through this. Having to wait for trains sucks, especially in the middle of the night when all you want to do is sleep. Glad you made it home safe.

Shawnie said...

You left out the peed in the bushes part?! Wow. So glad you are OK and didn't run into any shady people. I've been lost in a bad part of New Jersey at 3am and thought I would die of fear. You are amazing!! Sorry about the fine. Stupid train people!

lisa lee said...

Hailey! I love you!

this just made my day, i mean, i feel bad, but this is just too funny!!!

I thought my story was the worst thing that can happen to an exchange student, but I guess not!