Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm going to a party tonight.

I so don't want to go.


I'm only going because it's for my best friend, Bryce, if it wasn't him I would make up an excuse and stay home doing something wastefull. Like movie watching, or (nerd alert) Harry Potter reading.


I have to take the train for two hours.


I'm so unsocial.


I'll just bring Harry Potter with me. Anyways Last night I did do something social for once and invited my friend Lisa over. I dyed, washed, dried, and styled her hair amidst late night stereo-typical girl talk. Then this morning we watched Juno and ate breakfast with the fam.

Technically I should be in Zurich with her right now and some other people, but I am too tired. I need some chill time before I have to go to this party tonight.


I have such a hard life.

(you should know I'm saying that sarcastically)

1 comment:

Julz said...

I get the anti-party thing, I am the same way! Hope you had fun anyhow!