Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Got Nothing

So there we were, thanks to the catholics we had Monday free and decided to celebrate it with a barbeque. The girls from my class planned this little shindig and I was thrilled to be there, at least until we started taking things 7th grade.

Somehow we ended up playing truth or dare, sitting on the trampoline, soaking up one of the first real summer days in Switzerland. Now revealing my deepest darkest secrets, or licking the bottom of someones shoe- that I can do. Going up to a boy, kissing him on the cheek, and throwing my arms around him, is another story, however, sitting out there in the sun, A hundred miles from the school I felt pretty brave. I said pshhh no problem. That courage disapeared pretty fast though when I stepped foot into the school on Tuesday. I litteraly felt like the flourescent lights made me shrink (and as we all know I can't afford to lose any of the very little height that I have).

The girls taunted me all day as I tried and failed repeatedly to work up the nerve to get it done. Then we had Chemistry which is normally one of my most boring classes, this day though, some of my friends were actually off task. Gasp! We joked around and laughed the entire 45 minutes it was sooo fun. It was exactly what I needed to get up the courage to preform my little act.

So the next hour rolled around and I beat him to the geography room. Oh and side note, I never talk to this boy, never. My class has pretty clear gender lines and I am fairly certain that some of them still believe in cooties. Anyway. There he was turing the corner atempting to go into the classroom, but there I was walking out the door full of purpose. I had planned on telling him I had to do it because of that stupid game, the words just didn't come though. This is what came out instead, "Hey wait, I have to do something... just stay there". That's when I walked up to him, grabbed his face, kissed him on the cheek, and hugged him.


He stood there abolutly stiff.

I removed my arms from around his neck and backed off a little. Then I said, "That was it." He blushed and laughed and went into the room and told all the other boys in our class that he had just been smooched by the American, but other than that nothing. He still hasn't talked to me, nothing.


Which goes to show just how much of an affect I have on the opposite sex. Which would be none.


Julz said...

Ha! You are brave! Who cares if he did nothing THAT was brave my friend!

stacy said...

brave indeed!!!!

Riley said...

Wow!!! Now I"m not 16 yet, but I would NOT have the nerve to do that! You're brave indeed!

Merri said...

ha ha ha hee! you are so funny! You made Grace and I laugh...someday that boy will be like"oh, this cute American kissed me, sigh." "I will never forget it, sigh." You are so cute Hailey thanks for putting a smile on my face. Oh, and I'm sure Papa will have to beat that boy up now! way to go!

Jody said...

good job, girl! you made this lady laugh, too!

hey....just a thought...maybe when you grabbed his face, he thought for a split second you were going to smooch him on the LIPS! That would freak him out a bit, heh?

chelsea rebecca said...

woah you are SO BRAVE!
but good for you! being brave is exhilarating and fun!
good ole truth or dare!! to funny!!

Christine W. said...

HAH! I love it. IT does sound very 7th-gradish.. How is it possible that the boys and girls are so awkward together? That's SO bizarre!