Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fork In The Road

There we stood, at the fork in the road.

She knew which path she should take, but it was hard to walk that way. So I held her hand and gently tugged her towards the right path, but she didn't come. I pointed, I explained, I made it clear, but still, she didn't come. Then I became frustrated, I knew it was the right path and so did she. So I yelled, I yanked, I demanded that she go down the right path, and she took a few steps toward it. Time passed and other voices joined us at the fork in the road. They influenced her. They convinced her she didn't have to take the hard way. Those steps she took forward were lost.

She chose the wrong path.

Now I have watched people walk down that crooked way my whole life. I have seen them trapeze along until there was no path at all and they were lost. But I have never stood at the crossroads, holding someones hand and begging them to to do what they knew was right.

My heart is broken, because I know she chose wrong.

Everyone makes choices, some choices that are right for one person are wrong for another, and vice verse. Everyone has different views of the world. I know this. I know that not everyone will make the same choices as me. But I also know this girl. And I know what she's doing is not good for her. And I know that she knows it too.

My hand is still reaching toward her, but I know that now she doesn't want my advice or guidance. We're walking down two different roads. But I still have hope.

It's never too late to turn around.

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