Sunday, June 19, 2011


So graduation has come and gone. It wasn't an emotional experience for me, but it was undoubtedly an experience. Which I mean in the best way possible. Sitting there and listening to the speeches was... surreal. Every year people graduate from high school, but it's strange to do it for yourself, strange, but filled with oh-so-much accomplishment. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of my class. If you read the speech above given by our principle you'll understand why.

It was this moment in particular that was really mind blowing:
Once the caps were thrown it was a frenzy! A mad rush to family & friends, cameras flashing from literally every direction, yelling, running, finding, searching, crying, my goodness it was INSANITY. But I loved it, every minute of it, even when I thought Carlos was going to run off with my keys in his pocket (alright maybe I didn't quite love that part). I stayed until they shut the lights off on the field. Then I walked the long way to my car in my super classy nude wedges and took the long way home to avoid the crazy traffic.

Those are only a few of the MANY graduation pictures, I would post more but for some reason my computer won't let me put any up from my own album, so all of the above are facebook contributed. I swear there is a photo of me and my family somewhere!

After I went home and had some apple pie I went to the grad night party at stratum laser tag. Not only did I kick butt (seriously I ranked in the top ten multiple times) I also had SO much fun. I ended up staying until 5:30 in the morning! When I walked outside I was surprised to see daylight, I drove home with music blaring and the windows down, even on the freeway to keep my awake! Then I only managed to sleep until 10am. It was a long day at work let me tell ya, but beyond worth it.

I'm glad I'm done with high school, but I'm sad to lose the daily interactions with such great people and teachers. I suppose there's no such thing as an ending without a bitter sweet taste.

My main  thought though regarding my graduation is BRING IT ON COLLEGE. I can't wait to start at BYU Idaho in Septermber!

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Leah Fiacco said...

I can't believe there are no pictures of you and me! what the heck were we thinking??