Saturday, November 12, 2011


We hid this in my roommate's closet on Wednesday and let's just say she's lucky she went to the bathroom right before she went into her room! Her scream was incredibly loud and she was incredibly mad at us all for pulling this prank, but really how could we help it?

Since then we've taken the pants and have been placing them in all kinds of weird places. I came home on Thursday to find them sticking out of my closet wearing my tennis shoes. I'm just glad it was the pants and not one of roommates jumping out to scare me!

We have a problem in our apartment. We pull this kind of crap all the time. I have had the displeasure of finding a girl leaping out from my closet on multiple occasions. I have had a bloody plastic hand thrown at my face. Real hands have reached under my door. Plus countless others. And that's just me. The reason we put this in Beth's closet was because she's gotten so paranoid that she checks her closet every night before she goes to sleep!

Man it sucks when you're the victim, but when you're  pulling the prank, it's pretty dang hilarious.

Sorry Beth.

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