Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Man

Normally I refrain from offering any personal political thoughts online because I know they are simply an invitation for conflict. Today I am taking a chance in the hopes that I can articulate my thoughts in a manner that will not incite desire to viciously correct me. Feel free, however, to offer your peaceful agree or disagreement.

The reason that I have chosen to speak out now with my theories is because President Obama is in Arizona and I have seen feedback from his presence on facebook that has both alarmed and disgusted me.

I will refrain from attaching a name to following quotes, but I have copied it from my news feed on facebook,

"Big deal, no one should care if obama comes to az, hes the worst president we've had and itll be better when he is out of office."

This statement strikes me as so many things, but foremost it strikes me as ignorant. When I read this, I was shocked not only by its ignorance, but by its incredible boldness.
The same person went on to say in reply to some opposing comments,

 "Ya ya whateves, I really dont care.he's not american, he pulled troops out of iraq to please everyone but you know its going to be nonstop chaos over there, and great that unemployment is dropping but I doubt thats obamas doing. and gas prices couldve gone down extremly but of course obama didn't accept the canadians proposal. he hasn't gotten a whole lot done. but idc I just think its stupid for ppl to go crazy over him coming to az. big whoop"

Once again the ignorance of it amazes me, and the acceptance of such a statement by more than a few people who 'liked' this status, a way of showing support on the networking site.

Now I of course have my own opinions about Barack Obama and his presidency, but for now I put them aside. This person, as do we all, has every right to criticize him, but to exclusively blame him for the state of America is simply dishonest and irresponsible. 

The reality is that "the blame" for the economic downturn of this country is shared by congress, by politicians across the board, by the media, and most significantly and substantially by us, the American people. So many look to the president, shake their fists, and declare these hard times his failure. Unarguably it is easier for a scapegoat to fall than we ourselves, but as I said before it isn't honest and it isn't responsible.

Barack Obama did not force American men and women to purchase homes they couldn't afford or bankers and investors to buy and sell unstable mortgages or compel businesses to go bankrupt. No. Those were choices made by millions of individuals, the results of which have collectively landed the United States of America into its current position. Obviously those are only a few examples of the individual choices that led to the here and the now.

Every action induces consequence, but it seems none are willing to stand up and face theirs. For it's so much easier isn't it, to blame Obama, instead of ourselves.

I am in no way saying that government is without its flaws. What I am saying is that to place the responsibility for where we are as a nation on one man's shoulders, because while Obama is the president, he is still just a man, is to hide from the blame that belongs to each of us.

If you dislike the state of this country then stop searching for a way to relieve yourself of responsibility. Stand up, face the consequence that is yours, and chose differently. There is only one way to achieve a different consequence. A different choice.

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