Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bringing Home the Bacon

I have three nannying jobs; I watch two kids with mental disabilities and one family.

Why I like my jobs:
-Kids I adore
-Learning experience
-Flexible hours
-Good money
-Kids take naps and go to bed early

Why my jobs are hard:
-Lines get muddled
-Heavily relied on
-A ton of paperwork
-Kids snot and poop and spill and vomit.
-Disabilities can be frustrating
-It's draining

The children I watch, I love, but that doesn't make my job a fun play-date every day. Each child has their own set of troubles, and I have to get them through it. Whether it be eating, homework, chores, bathing, dressing, etc. It's a challenge.

All I can say is these jobs are the best birth control ever. EVER.

And it's helping out my bank account, which I need, so... win.

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