Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quote me.

Some of my favorite words from the last while:

"Highway to heaven, God do you see my headlights?" - Lil Wayne

"She was fine, like a ticket on the dash" - Drake

"It's like you're ripping the side block out of my mental jenga, I'm totally falling apart!" - Schmidt (New Girl)

"None of this stuff is easy, and it never has been." - President Obama (News conference 3/16/12)

"I wondered when that had happened; that we started making better machines than people." -Machine Man (page 59) 

"Is he aiming at doing anything, or simply undoing what's been done?" -Anna Kerenina (page 355)

"You inject a nun with a particular chemical cocktail, she's going to start swinging punches. That's a fact." - Machine Man (page 102)

"My girl friend used to always say he had rapey eyes." - Gone

Do you see why these were worth writing down? I sure do.

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Bri said...

haha, i love the new girl quote! schmidt cracks me up!