Friday, May 18, 2012


Occasionally when I am texting a boy, I get myself into rather uncomfortable situations.

This probably happens because of how often I find myself texting boys, which if you were wondering, is not that often.

The boy in question and I were texting about the weekend and he was jokingly saying he was pretty busy, but he would squeeze me into his schedule.

Now prepare yourself. My reply went like this:

"Well I'll allow myself to be squeezed if there are cookies! ;)"

First of all notice my immaculate grammer, that must count for something. Second, note the fact that I did not say squeezed in, I just said squeezed. That one little missing 'in'  makes a rather gigantic difference here. Suddenly instead of being cute and snarky as was my intention, I find myself being extremely forward and implying whatever it is that falls under the umbrella of 'squeezing', not helped by the winky face. Also I'm implying that I'm pretty easy if you bribe me with desert... well, I won't expand upon that point.

Anyway I'm sure this boy was rather excited, but I quickly set him straight. Cookies or no cookies I'm not one to invite anyone to 'squeeze' me, because it's just weird.

So shamelessly I share another awkward moment of my life, I hope you enjoyed it.

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