Monday, November 19, 2012


I look at the clock, 8:35am. Ten minutes to go.

My little fingers type a fury of words per minute, rushing to complete my assignment on time.

After another short paragraph and another, I check the time, 8:40am. 5 minutes to finish and submit.

I get nervous.

My brain can hardly keep up with my fingers as I race the clock to save my grade. 

8:43 I've finished an actually decent paper. I'm proud of myself, but I still have to submit and write down my sources.

I open to submission box and copy paste my piece into it. I then quickly start transferring sources over.

The clock hits 8:44am. I'm in a panic.

Copy paste. Copy paste. COPY PASTE.

Finally the last source is in. I hit enter and what do you know.


Heck yeah.

I mean I'm going to lose points because I've been writing my paper all morning instead of doing the prerequisites for going into public- showering, brushing my teeth, putting a bra on... meaning I am not going to my 9:00 class.

But at least my papers done.

You'll get to read some of it too. Don't hold you're breath though- you might die waiting.

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