Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Hell.

My friend Johnny posted about his personal hell, so I thought I would share mine:

Layer 1: Eternal Winter

In this layer, the ground is ice covered by a layer of slush (dirty half melted, slippery, snow, you know what I'm talking about?). My boots have no traction, and though I slip and fall with every step I have no choice, but to continue on. People stand, point and laugh at me as I embrace the ice/slush repeatedly. Snow falls from the skies in an endless stream of white and I can never reach a building I see in the distance, taunting me with warmth.

Layer 2: Eternal Failure

In this layer, I always fail, at everything. Every paper returned with a giant red F, every assignment incomplete, every teacher disappointed. Job applications denied, interviews never conducted, success never achieved. My existence of no importance to any one.

Layer 3: Beasts

This layer is composed of spiders. So many spiders. Big, little, hairy... every where. All over me. I can't move and I can't stay still. No matter what, every inch of my body is weighed down by an oppressive wall of eight legged beasts. 

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