Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Brain Chemicals of Love

So here's the deal.

Love doesn't happen in your heart.

... Well maybe it does, but it happens in your brain too.

Your brain gets all doped up in fact- Love drunk on a chemical cocktail.

Don't worry though my Mormon friends, you're not breaking the word of wisdom. It's all natural and not in marijuana-pot head-natural kind of way. I mean so natural, it's not a plant or a meth lab that makes it, it's your brain!

That's right I'm talking dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

It sounds complicated, but no worries, I'll put it in laymans for you.

Dopamine = the brain's pleasure chemical because it creates a feeling of bliss. (why you can't get enough!)

Norepinephrine= is like adrenaline. It causes feelings of excitement and a racing heart. (sweaty palms and heart beat so loud you swear he can hear it!)

Endorphins= You probably associate this with exercising, which is correct! But endorphins, which create a feeling of happiness and well-being are also released during sex and physical contact with a significant other.

Oxytocin= is a chemical released during sex which produces a powerful emotional bond between couples in a relationship.  To illustrate its strength, oxytocin is also associated with the bonding of a mother to her newborn child.

The combination of those chemicals creates an addiction. Being with the person you love lights up your dopamine receptors like the fourth of July! The fall into love is characterized by feelings of elation, high energy levels, sleeplessness, craving, and diminished appetite and ability to concentrate (same thing happens to cocaine users). 

Dopamine is closely related to drug addiction and research shows that the brains of couples in love are similar to those of drugees.

So be careful! You may not have been warned about love the way you were about crack, but it's just as addictive!

For more info & a much better explanation I recommend reading here: How Love Works

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One of the best things I've ever read.