Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Past Tense


It's really a terrible word.

He was this. She was that.

He was mine.

It means they no longer are.

They are not current, they are not present.

They are not here.

He was mine, but he is not.

The people are in the past, but the pain is in the present.

"Our hearts are broken" President Obama described, following the Connecticut shooting.  

I say in that moment he truly spoke for the nation.

Everywhere I look in the world there is pain. There is heartbreak. There is disease, mental and physical. & I wish it could be gone. I wish it could be put in the past.

I wish Jesus would come down to earth and heal this broken people, this bruised world, & take the pain away. I wish he could move the pain from the present to the past.

Because then 'was' wouldn't be a painful world.

But painful it remains.

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