Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another year gone.

When I look back on this year I see a lot of pain.

2012 was a rough one.

I turned into a drifter.

Purposeless. Lost. Confused. Tired.

I just wanted to escape & run away from my life.

I tried, but my parents wouldn't let me. They thought it rather important I continue going to college as scheduled.

So I did.

I have cried and hurt and struggled more this year than I have in all my 20 years combined. It was one for the books I tell you.


Looking back there were some good things too, great even. Sun rays shining through a seemingly endless rainy day.

Bjorn McCord. Loving him was the best part of 2012.

My family. They supported me through everything and we're closer for it.

A little self discovery. I decided I'm going to law school, it's a big decision I feel 100% confident in.

God. I realized I'm paralyzed without him & I never want to live without his guidance.

2013 I'm sure you'll have your fair share of heartache. But I refuse to live another year like this one.

Goodbye 2012. Can't say I'll miss ya.

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