Monday, May 13, 2013

An Inconvienent Truth.

No this is not about climate change. Damn Al Gore for using this title.

This isn't about climate change.
It's about life.

The inconvenient truth of life, is that it doesn't go the way you want it to go.
 It just doesn't.

 Not consistently anyway.

Look at Beethoven. A musical prodigy, 'ein wunderkind'- he started going deaf at the age of 26.

Life does not go the way you want.

Life is cruel and ironic. It is painful and hard. It is harsh and unfair.
And yet.
Life is beautiful and rewarding. It is miraculous and fleeting. It is wonderful and laced with divinity.

Life may not go the way you want. But no matter what, it does go, someway.

I made plans for years. Perfect plans with perfect timelines and a perfect actress.
Then life happened.
And I hated it.

I wanted my idea of perfection.

I'm learning though, day by day, that I am not master of life.
I cannot control all of it's twists and turns- I can't even anticipate them.
But I can live them.

Life is out my hands, but perspective is in them.

Find joy in the journey (Thomas S. Monson)

Life does not go the way I want it to go.
It has not gone the way I wanted it to for a long time.
But another truth is, I'm tired of trying to make it go my way.

I'd rather live this life than be consumed by the idea of what might have been, had life followed my instructions.
I'd rather be happy.

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