Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grace Nicole

This cute girl turned 8 years old today.


I remember going to the hospital the day she was born. Challis and I sat in the waiting room for a long time. Then we got to go in and see her. I won't lie she was kind of weird looking, but all newborns are weird looking.

I remember being sealed to her in the temple. There I was twelve years old holding this infant in my arms who was my new sister. I never doubted for one second that she was mine.

I remember taking her home, to the home we had prepared for her.

I remember she drooled like she had a leak.

I remember the first time she laughed. In my moms arms trying to eat a biscuit and how excited we all were!

I remember her learning how to walk, talk, read, swim.

I remember pulling out her loose teeth.

And I just can't believe that she's 8 years old. That she growing up and getting snarky.

I've known her since the first day she was alive!

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent Grace to my family. I can't imagine having lived my life without knowing her. So many laughs and good times and love have come from this sweet little girl.

And she is so unbelievably precious to me.

Happy Birthday Grace! I love you forever.

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