Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Life Story. Abridged.

There once were two teenagers who met in Dairy Queen.

Eventually they became my parents after getting engaged and unengaged and reengaged.

I didn't even give them a year to themselves, I was in a hurry I suppose.

I grew up in a few states. Arizona is the only one that really matters.

I worked hard. I performed well. A's, violin recitals, a fan club at church, I was a good kid.

I went to Switzerland my junior year of high school. I loved and learned and gained weight. It was the best year.

I came home. Senior year was hard, with some good times.

College first semester, I destroyed it.

Then I went home for my off track from BYUI and I've never been the same since.

I'm not sure what happened.

I worked three jobs and changed a lot of diapers.

I came back to school with an excitement for learning that quickly faded. I went from all As and A-s, to Bs for days.

I met Bjorn McCord and he caught my eye immediately. I flirted and texted and employed my girlish charms, but after a couple weeks of him not asking me out, I gave up and dated somebody else. That is until I ran into him on a date with another girl, when he was supposed to be out with me that night.


I told him I wasn't a girl to be double booked. 

When the semester was almost over Bjorn finally realized he should date me (duh). And what an adventure the last almost 10 months have been.

We fell in love. We broke up. We got back together. We got engaged. 

He met my family, I met his.

My grandma told him they'd have a Colombian slit his throat and  pull his tongue down through the cut.

... Thankfully he still wants to marry me. 


I'm hoping our wedding day is not too far away.

I'm fighting the temptation to elope. (you're welcome mom)

And I'm just really hoping I survive this semester.

That my friends, is my 20 years.


Julz said...

I have been wondering about this! Congrats, my sweet Hailey Girl!

Katie Coon said...

Love this post!!!! CONGRATS Hailey! I am so so happy for you!

StaceyC said...

Um... Once upon a time, I was in college so was this A+ rockstar guy named Chad. He had a scholarship and perfect grades. I was cute and keeping up on my grades. I liked him. He liked me. We dated. Our grades plummeted. He asked, I said yes. We kissed. We got married. Our grades got better. We kept kissing and had 6 kids... I was changed forever. He was changed forever. Wouldn't have it any other way! Hailey, marriage cures grade issues and reidentifies you. You'll never be the same, but life gets WAY better... well, not usually for your waistline and wrinkles. Take good pictures of that now;) Love you.

Hailey said...

Haha thanks Stacey! I love that :)