Monday, May 13, 2013

Zippers & Pants

I have this pair of pants and for some reason when they're completely zipped they don't appear to be.
Which is awkward.

Despite this, I continue to wear them because I don't have all that many jeans and because I only do laundry when I've officially run out of clean underwear.

Perhaps that's too much information, but it's the truth.

Moving on.
I was wearing said pants today.

In my German class we take turns introducing ourselves (one person a day).
Today was my day.

So I go through a little diddy about where I'm from, my family, my career intentions.
You know, the usual.

Then I sit down, patting myself on the back for being at least a little funny, when the kid behind me passes me a note.

Confused, I take it. Flip it over & find the following:
"Hey, I'm only telling you this because I would want someone to tell me. Your zipper may or may not be down".
This made me laugh and I whispered him basically the whole shpeal above minus the part about my underwear. He just laughed and I thought it was pretty nice of him to try and help a fellow classmate out.

Then he stood up to give a presentation.
But as he walked away I noticed something peculiar about his jeans.

The butt pockets were rather small, with a very girly design, and bottoms that flared out.
It totally looked like he was wearing women's jeans.

I turned to my friend who sits next to me, but before I can say anything she is whispering, "those jeans look a little femmy huh?" I nod wide eyed and we both laugh.

We're often whispering and laughing so no one really took notice.


I had to stop myself from writing him a note:
"Hey, I'm only telling you this because you would probably want to know that you may or may not be, but probably are, wearing women's jeans."
I noted the brand so I could look it up later to confirm my theory, but unfortunately I promptly forgot it.

The world may never know.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Bahahaha! This is hilarious. I love your blog Hailey.