Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Boy Strikes Again

Remember this?

Well I was walking down that same strip of sidewalk, when a boy looked at me and stopped dead in his tracks.

He pointed his finger at me and drew a breath.
 I waited.

"I just want to say," He paused. "You're beautiful"

I recognized his drawl, it was the same boy as before.

"Thank you!" I replied and started walking again, smiling to myself.

"Have a great day!" He shouted after me.

"You too!" 

I had my left hand up, so if he was paying attention there was a sparkling ring to declare I'm taken. 

Don't get me wrong- I'll take a 'you're beautiful' on the street.
But I just don't need it, because the love of my life tells me I'm beautiful everyday!

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