Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This post is mostly a tangent.

Ah, that familiar feeling.
Unquenchable irritation, chocolate yearnings, and lower back pain.

Why hello there, PMS!

You. Suck!

(Is that my pms yelling at my pms?! .... I call inception- watch that dradle spin- or was it a dradle? mmm close enough.) ((My computer is trying to tell me that dradle is not a word. I call antisemitism- hanika hater... omg now it's telling me that hanika is not a word, seriously??)

Every sentence I've written over the last 5 minutes to continue this post was horrifying. There's just no way this can avoid ending in a disgusting, tmi, or whiney way.

So I'll leave on this note:
Damn you PMS, everybody hates you.

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Deena Kelly said...

Gosh, I can soooo relate to this! Hahaha! I read a tweet on Twitter before that more or less said,
"Why do you have to be so cruel Mother Nature? Couldn't you just send a text saying, 'Hey! You're not pregnant, see you next month!" Hahaha