Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conversations of the Heart

If hearts could speak, I wonder what they'd say?

I don't think it'd be the same thing as what your brain pushes through your lips, necessarily.

My heart feels things my brain tries to make sense of

but can't.

My heart loves and hurts and longs in a way that words are incapable of describing.

I wonder if it's frustrating, to be a heart?

Because people don't listen

they can't or they won't.

They push hearts aside in favor of logic.

They boil them down to a simple blood pump.

I wonder if it's overwhelming, to be a heart.

Because you have a job to do

to keep someone alive, moving, functioning.

And all the while you're feeling intensely

you're loving, you're hurting, you're aching, you're joying

But you can't lose focus, you can't take a break or a day off

You have a life to maintain.

If hearts could speak, I wonder what they'd say.

If they'd tell us we should listen?
Or we should appreciate them more?

Or maybe, all they'd say is lay off the cheeseburgers.

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