Monday, October 21, 2013

Better Potatoes

I've been trying to expand my kitchen horizons beyond mac&cheese and... well I guess that's the point. It's pretty much just Kraft & I around here.

So I tried something else.
Something very wild and by very wild, I mean:

Baked Potatoes.

But they actually were a little wild, that wasn't pure sarcasm up there before the pictures.

I used a recipe I got from pinterest entitled "Better Baked Potatoes".

I made one inch slices in the potatoes, and in those slices I placed onions, butter, and garlic.

Topped them with some pepper, wrapped them up in tinfoil, and baked those suckers with my darling partner in crime, Brittany of Nucleus & Nikon.

With some cheese & sour cream they turned out absolutely delicious!

So that's one more thing I can add to the short list of things Hailey can cook.

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