Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfection in a Pumpkin

When I arrived at Broulims (a local grocery store) and saw the mass of pumpkins outside I was thrilled. I picked up pumpkin after pumpkin in total, childish glee.

But none of them were quite right. This one had a strange growth, this one was unfortunately shaped, this one was too small.

But my pumpkin, is perfect. I knew it the moment I pulled it from the pile. Perfect shape, perfect size, perfect color, perfect stem, the Gabby Douglass of pumpkins- an all around champion.

I was terrified to carve it. I didn't want to ruin a perfect pumpkin with an ugly carving, but to my immense delight it turned out, you guessed it, perfect.

This is hands down the best pumpkin I've ever had the pleasure to carve, & I even dug out all the nasty pumpkin web myself (I hate that part).

Also, it lives:

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Miss Merri said...

I love you jack o lantern