Tuesday, November 19, 2013


55-InsomniaIt's just about three thirty a.m. & here I am still awake.
Meaning, that the last week I've spent carefully regulating my sleep schedule is wasted.
You don't snooze... you lose.
That's how it goes right?

I've been laying in bed for hours with my thoughts swirling _____ly in my mind.

I left that fill in the blank because I can't pick a verb... adverb?
I don't know, It's almost four in the morning.
Angrily, perhaps? Desperately? Exhaustively? 
Something like that.

55-InsomniaWhatever their description, these thoughts visit me night after sleepless night.
They have worn down the synthetic rubber that is the track of my mind, and goodness.
They could use some new nikes.
I'd like to take a break from this marathon.

And tell you 10 random things about me!
Everyone's facebook posts have inspired me, so here we go on a journey of Hailey:

1. In high school most people called me Cox (my last name) and not Hailey, because they thought it was hilarious.

55-Insomnia2. I have a fear of spiders so intense that I cannot confront it, I run before my brain even realizes what's happened. That's pure survival instinct people. Then I find someone to go kill the spider so it doesn't kill me later of course.

3. I speak fluent German. Well I did four years ago, now it's probably more like fluent Germanglish. But, I can totally understand what all the Nazis in Indiana Jones say, so... useful.

4. I love my siblings so much that when my mom posts pictures of them on facebook it makes me cry. I hate living in another state & missing out on lost teeth, Halloween costumes & everything in between.

5. I wish I could be like Peter Pan & never grow up. I'm terrified of getting old.

6. I'm obsessed with searching for puppies on Craigslist, even though I can't have one because I live in animal hating apartments. I like to dream.
7. I really enjoy the shows Sister Wives & The Walking Dead. Variety, it's the spice of life people.

8. I'm more terrified of going to the gynecologist than facing a zombie apocalypse.

9. At this moment, almost all my friends live in a different state/country than me. & it sucks. Especially that Bjorn is in Oregon & I'm in Rexburg.

10. I'm excited to lose my last name.

There you have it!
So, Good night hopefully.
And for you, Good morning

{Photo Credit: http://awordaday.net/insomnia}

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