Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No justice for the Orange

If Clinton were still president,
the word genocide would make him jump this month.

Because it's the first week of November
& the mass murdering of pumpkins is in full force.

Every where I look I see them,
the pumpkins.

A lot of them are rotting at their carver's doorstep.

As the days pass the funny ones get funnier,
the ugly ones get uglier,
& the intricately designed ones-
collapse inward.
Into the empty hollow where their light has melted into wax.

The others are in pieces.
On the sidewalk,
on the street,
& strewn before the dumpster like an offering to the garbage collector.

The rest-
they're inside the dumpster.

 November is a bad month to be a pumpkin.
Unless you'd like to be pie. 
Or thrown out with the candy wrappers.

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