Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hard to Get

 These sleepless/insomnia posts are adding up.

I'm exhausted,  honestly.

Tired in my brain, my bones, my eye sockets.

But sleep is playing hard to get.
The hardest to get in fact.

Night after night I chase it, but sleep is as elusive/as it is lovely.

And when I do catch up to it, it only teases.

Sleep dances in my eyes and reaches behind it into my mind until I can't help but answer it's call.
I drop my head to my pillow in submission.

And then, it's gone.
Laughing as it dances away.

It takes ages to find sleep again.

I stumble around weary until I find it.

And I do always find it.

But sleep likes the game.

And I never feel like the winner.

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