Sunday, December 15, 2013

The reasons I need weapons

Phone conversation with Bjorn today:

Me: psssshhhhhh a;lskkdkkf kkkkkkk kaskdkkkkkk ksksksksksk *random noises*

Bjorn: What's going on?

Me: That was the sound of my brain breaking.

Bjorn: *Laughs*

Me: No, I'm so serious. There are too many thoughts and feelings trying to go through the processor in my brain  and it's over-heating! It's probably going to explode! 

Wait, it's actually more like spongebob. Have you seen the episode that's inside his brain and there's all the mini spongebobs setting fire to his brain-files?

Bjorn: Yeah I've seen that one.

Me: That's what my brain is like right now. It's fried!

Bjorn: Aww. You're brain's like a scrambled egg.

Me: Exactly and that's why Hannibal Lecter is going to come cut off the top of my head and make me taste my own brain like in the movie- because my brains already half cooked. It's less work for him.

Bjorn: Hannibal is not going to make you eat your brain.

Me: Well... if he came I would have no way to fight him off, because my brain is scrambled and I don't have any weapons.

Bjorn: No, I would protect you!

Me: Well sure, but you're not here! So he'd cut my head open. That's why I need weapons. To fight off Hannibal.Well and to fight the zombies in the apocalypse of course.

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Julz said...

Next time you are here lets go to lunch and get your brain all unscrambled. :)