Monday, February 24, 2014

Twenty One

So I turned 21!

All in all it was a great birthday.

Brittany, my cousin and BFF, came up from Utah for the weekend which was a birthday treat in and of itself since I haven't seen her since my wedding.

I got free dessert from The Hickory (my favorite local BBQ) and Outback. Plus Brittany and I made macaroons and Bjorn made me my birthday cake tradition: German chocolate with coconut frosting. Plus Bjorn bought me A POUND of English Toffee, my favorite candy, and had it shipped from Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Oregon (where he used to work).

I ate like a queen and probably gained 5 pounds, but I wouldn't know since I've been avoiding the scale (A continuous birthday gift to myself, I suppose).

I got cards and calls and texts from my newly enlarged family! I'm touched that all my new relatives were so thoughtful of my birthday. 

I expect 21 to be an exciting year!


Kylie said...

Okay, seriously impressed that you made your own macarons! I've only ever had one in my life, but I'm dying to try more flavors sometime.

Hailey Cox said...

Haha thanks, There's a recipe that makes them really easy:

I tried them in Europe and LOVED them, but I never see them in the states and haven't had them for years, so I figured it was worth a try!