Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tweets of Abuse

The older I get, the more I realize how incredibly naive I was growing up. I had no idea about the pervasiveness of sexual assault and molestation. To me, it was simply the subject matter of Law&Order SVU. It wasn't until I entered high school, that slowly but surely, more of my friends and schoolmates began to open up about their experiences with assault and truly, I was shocked.

As the years have passed and I've progressed through high school and part of college - the tales of abuse have grown. Obviously now, I'm not as naive as I once was, but I still find myself shocked every time I hear a new story. It makes me sick, not just in my stomach, but in my soul. It makes me sick that I have to be THANKFUL that I wasn't molested in my youth, because that's how common it has become. What a horrible thing to have to be grateful for.

In my Face Book news feed I found a link to this article. A woman on twitter, Christina Fox, asked if the women who followed her would open up and tell her what they were wearing when they were assaulted and she would re-tweet that information anonymously.  Fox wanted to debunk the idea that women "ask for it", meaning rape or assault, by what they wear.

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I'm glad women are speaking up against that asinine notion, but reading the tweets made me so sad. After all these years, it still surprises me. The stories never get less terrible and unfortunately, the abuse never stops happening. It so obviously isn't about clothes! It's about aggressors who are messed up people that need psychological help. We need to be aware of how often sexual abuse occurs so we can protect ourselves and children from being hurt. And to focus on protection we definitely shouldn't waste our time blaming the victim. No one deserves to have choices about their own body taken away from them, no matter what they are wearing.

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