Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Girls are Made of

There are so many ways I can look back on my life.

I can read a hundred forty-seven blog posts written from the time I was barely 16 until now.
I can scroll through my face book wall and see my 'status' through the years.
I can see 103 small, square photos side by side/line by line on my instagram.

Sometimes I wonder if all those means ever really capture me. Is that who I am? Am I all those photos and statuses and words?

I would say the answer is no.

In twenty-one years I have grown and changed. My size, my mind, my hair, my style, my relationships, my everything.

I cannot be captured because I am not solid. I may be made of bones and flesh, but I am as gaseous as air.

Air can't be bound // And neither can I.

Shifts and change and growth and decline- those are the things girls are made of.

And I wish I could be bound. That I could be held. That I could be captured in a moment that lasted eternally.

But it is impossible for anything more than a moment to be captured by any means.

So maybe that's all we are. A collection of moments that occur over a lifetime.

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