Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life Lately

Before we left Idaho the chicks, ducks, and turkeys arrived at Cal Ranch! Whenever I was having a bad day Bjorn would take me to visit the ducklings in particular. Since we had our baby ducks we can't help but love everyone we see! We're not technically supposed to pick them up, but when you used to be an employee, certain perks remain even after you take off your name tag.

I tried out an eleven strand braid for the first time! It's kind of frizzy, but I like it. I'm getting kind of obsessed with braids actually.

Bjorn and I left our adorable first apartment! I can't imagine a cuter house number than 133 and 1/2. I'll always love that little place! I hope when we get back to Rexburg we'll be able to find as good of an apartment.


Marlen said...

Ooo listening to Les Mis would definitely make a road trip that much more fun! And i love the braid, adorable

xo marlen
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Hailey Cox said...

We've listened to Les Mis on 3 of our last road trips! I definitely recommend it :)

I'm glad you like the braid, it's one of my favorite new braiding discoveries!

bosslady said...

Hey hailey, you know we are in a North Carolina...if you ever want to meet up on your way back through, let us know. We'd drive down to SC, even! We'd love to meet your adorable tall hubby. (Sorry, behind on reading your blog, didn't know you were in SC and bored, we would have come entertained you!) mitzi and Brian

Hailey Cox said...

haha rats! That would have been fun. We're actually in Pensacola, Florida now! We're going to be here until September sometime.

suzy said...

Aw, I love baby birds... Sweet thing.

Hailey Cox said...

I love them too! They're so little and sweet :)