Thursday, April 17, 2014

Palm Tree Moon

Before we go to Florida Bjorn and I have to spend a week or so in South Carolina for Bjorn's new job.

South Carolina is a nice place in my opinion. It has cute houses and pretty trees. Plus within the first hour we were here I saw a wild baby turtle on the sidewalk of an apartment complex. So, that was basically a dream come true.

Since the turtle however, it's been a steady decline in regards to enjoyability. Bjorn was out working yesterday until midnight, meaning I was stuck in the hotel alone all day. Today is an unfortunate repeat, which I expect to reoccur tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

I sure am bored here in South Carolina.

My online classes don't start until we're in Florida. I'm tired of throwing myself at Pensacola law firms offering slave labor only to be refused. TV and internet only entertain for so long before getting old. So here I am. Bored and trapped. While what I really want is a lemon berry slush from sonic (My new obsession) and to go to the zoo. Or the park. Or the beach. Or any where really with my sweetheart.


I know this isn't technically a vacation, but for some reason staying in a hotel puts you in that mindset. Oh well, I'm grateful for whatever free time I get with that busy boy. Hopefully he gets home in time to take me to sonic.

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